Star Wars: The Old Republic...and more

Right now this is just a simple fan page about Star Wars: The Old Republic, the game that pulled me back into the MMORPG genre, which I'd followed since the development of Ultima Online, but given up on. You can read more about that in the article section.

While there are, and will continue to be, many TOR sites springing up as we begin the final crawl to the launch date, onne thing that will differentiate this site from other TOR sites is our forum aggregation. I've been reading forums and usenet since about '93 and love forums, even bad ones. And to be honest, much of the official forums for Star Wars: The Old Republic are abysmal. So, I'll be going through them and aggregating the best (and, for fun, the worst) posts for you to read, so you don't have to sift through trash for gold-or completely worthless trash for the rare bit of entertaining garbage.

The aggregated forum posts will be presented in the following manner: you will see two links; one will be the link to the original post or thread, clicking on this will bring you to the original forum it was found in. The other link will be my comment on this post, clicking on this will bring you to our forums. That's probably how you found this page.

While hopefully a fun, and somewhat unique start, this is really only a small fraction of the site we envision for the future. If you stick with this site, and help the community grow like I want it to, you'll see it go from a simple fan site for an MMORPG into something much greater. We're reaching high here; even if all of our goals don't succeed, if a small fraction of them do this site will be an amazing place.

We didn't want to launch all of our ideas before they were well thought out, both in terms of presentation and implementations, so we decided to start small. MMORPG and their design has always been a passion of mine, and there is a lack of real intellectual discussion of the genre, so we decided to take advantage of both the amazing buzz Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting and the interest and excitement it inspired in me. On this we hope to develop a strong, intelligent lasting community.

Soon, this site will be filled with info on Speculative Fiction (including original, illustrated fiction), comic books, music, movies and most importantly, a section I'm currently calling "smart stuff", which will have information on science and blurring line between science and science fiction, the human potential and transhumanism movements, economics and incentives, philosophy and conceptual ideas that I think everyone should be familiar with. The other sections will contain essays, articles, reviews, interviews and whatever else the readers ask for. While we want to please ourselves, we want even more to please and enlighten you, giving you more than you would expect from a site such as this.

A core tenet of the philosophy of this site is to attempt to expose as many intelligent gamers, comic book and SF readers to intellectual material they would not otherwise be exposed to, as well as creating a community that breaks down the barriers between creators and fans, and eventually who is considered a creator and who a fan. Once these articles are up, I strongly suggest you check them out. Even if you think you may not be interested, I think we may just surprise you.

Not only will the underlying content of the site change greatly, but the look and feel of the site should as well, as we become more and more comfortable with the tools we are using and find out what our readers want.

The potential of this site is unlimited, and we are fully committed to making the best possible experience for everyone. We want to entertain you, and enlighten you. We want you to entertain and enlighten us. We want to make a site that changes peoples' ideas about everything, including what a website can be.

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