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My Personal History of MMORPGs, or why Star Wars: The Old Republic will be different An account of my history of the MMORPG genre, going back to the long, long ago days when Ultima Online was announced and then moving forward through time and my cycle of obsessively following games only to be bitterly disappointed, until finally my passion abated and I decided that not until technology increased substantially would there exist a game that I could again feel that passion for. Finally, a new dawn, with SW: TOR reaching my jaded brain, a game years ago I might well have thought of as a "cheat", but which now I look as the last hope for a stagnating genre.

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Best in Slot Equipment in TOR? A discussion of "Best in Slot" Equipment in past games, the problems they have caused, and may cause in StarWars: The Old Republic, as well as some possible solutions to what may be an intractable problem.

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Appearance Tabs and TOR A discussion of appearance tabs in Star Wars: The Old Republic, why despite a vocal minority, or even majority, may want such a feature, reasons that Bioware resists, and possible compromises that may please everyone (yeah, right)

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Trinity Combat and StarWars: The Old Republic A discussion of the trinity combat system in other MMORPGs, how it developed, and how StarWars: The Old Republic seems to be taking the best from this system, while discarding the most annoying parts, hopefully resulting in an evolutionary system that is both fun and rewards teamwork.

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